Black Mariah Boykins      


     For twenty-five years, Tracy Pickens has been raising South Carolina’s state dog, the Boykin Spaniel. Boykins are incredible retrievers with a very strong desire to please.  They are also known for their loving attraction to people, making for great family pets.  

   At the farm, Black Mariah’s Diesel Engine (Diesel) is the kennel sire.  He is two years old.  While he is not hunted, he loves to retrieve and is relentless if there’s any competition for the bird or ball.  


     There are new puppies available at this time.  Bogie has a litter of 11 pups born on March 23rd.       

     If you would like to receive updates or reserve a puppy from this or any of the litters, call Tracy at 843-333-4690 or send him an e-mail to